Steampunk Fairy Wings, Digital Backgrounds, and Overlays


My sister created these really cool steampunk fairy wings and butterfly/hummingbird overlays for steampunk fairies!

What is steampunk?  It is a fashion style that can be described as Victorian meets machinery.  You can do an internet search for “steampunk” and click on “images” and see a ton of steampunk pictures.  It’s probable that you’ve seen the style, you just didn’t know the name.

The fairy wings, butterflies and hummingbird all have gears or pulleys or similar tech in their design.

steampunk digital fairy wings

steampunk_fairy_wings_digital_background_and_overlays (1)

I went to two locations to get the digital background for these steampunk fairy pictures.  The first one was at the Old Mill Park in Silverdale, WA.  It is right on the waterfront with an historical marker, trials and everything.

steampunk fairy digital background set with wings and overlays steampunk fairy digital wings, background and overlay set

The second location I visited was the clock tower at the Port Angeles Courthouse.  It was a cool experience to be taken up to the clock tower and get a peak up the latter in the bell tower.

steampunk_digital_background_for_composites (15) steampunk_digital_background_for_composites (13)

Below is the same pose as one of the above picture, but a different background.

steampunk_digital_background_for_composites (9) steampunk fairy digital background set with wings and overlays sepia steampunk_fairy_wings_digital_background_and_overlays (1)


These can be purchased in my store in two sets.  One with the backgrounds, wings and overlays, and one with just the wings and overlays.

You don’t have to have a steampunk “fairy” costume to use the wings, any steampunk costume will do.  Dress up a picture from years ago for some fun!

Steampunk definitely doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it is fun to play with.  🙂


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