Fire Fairy Digital Background and Overlay Set

$ 10.00

This is the Fire fairy digital background and overlay set that has 1 black poster background, 1 flame background overlay, 1 scenic rock and cave background, 2 fire flame overlays and 1 fire wing overlay.


These are a JPEG digital background and PNG overlay set inspired by Avatar, the Last Airbender and my own imagination.

See the video I created for this Fire fairy set here for more details. The fire wing was included in this set after the video was made.

FIRE digital background and overlay set has:

~1 black poster background

~1 flame background overlay

~1 scenic rock/cave background

2 fire flame overlays

1 fire wing overlay

You might need to know how to mask, transform and how to change the color in the Photoshop layers palette under layer effects. Feel free to message me for guidance.

Composite photography portraits aren’t that hard, it just takes a little practice and the results are adorable.  I’ve made lots of video tutorials to help you along, check out my free tutorial page.

It is important to match the angle of the subject to the digital background. White balance is also vital. All my digital backgrounds have been lightly edited and are ready to go.



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