Photoshop Fairy Wing Brushes and Digital Overlays SET 2

New set of Photoshop Fairy Wing Brushes and Digital Overlays!

I just released another set of fairy wing Photoshop brushes and digital overlays!  I’m pretty excited about this set; there are some gorgeous fairy wings here.  😉

There are 11 fairy wings, and 1 confetti overlay meant for the ribbon shabby chic wings.

digital_fairy_wings_photoshop_brush_and_overlays set2 digital_fairy_wings_photoshop_brush_and_overlays set2 a digital_fairy_wings_photoshop_brush_and_overlays set2 b digital_fairy_wings_photoshop_brush_and_overlays set2 c

Fairy wings 1 is modeled after a popular tangible fairy wing design:


magenta_tulip_digital_background_for_photographers_and_digital_fairy_wings  photoshop_fairy_wings_brushes_and_marigold_digital_background_for_photographersphotoshop_fairy_wings_brushes_and_composite_digital_background

Fairy wings 2 was created by my sister, Lori Brackett.  There are two versions of this wing.  One is a regular fairy wing with lobes, the other is a zentangle wing (below).


bed_of_tulips_digital_background_for_photographers_and_digital_fairy_wings Photoshop_fairy_wing_brushes_and_tulip_digital_background_for_photographers_and_fairy_glitter_overlay

Fairy wing 3 is my choice of wing for resting or sleeping fairies.



Fairy wings 4 is a realistic butterfly inspired fairy wing.


dark_pink_flowering_tree_digital_background_for_fairy_tale_photographers digital_fairy_wings_photoshop_brush_and_digital_background_for_photographers

Fairy wings 5 has an ethereal feel that I just love.



Fairy wings 6 has lots of spirals and curly cues.



Fairy wings 7 was inspired by popular tangible wings.



Branches fairy wings was created by my sister are great for rustic fairy art.



Shabby chic fairy wings are great for whimsical shabby chic Victorian style fairy costumes and themes.  They can also be used for birthday,  Christmas or other holiday fairies.  This one was also created by my sister and comes with an optional confetti overlay to add to the party spirit.

fairy_wings_photoshop_brushes_and_overlays_9fairy_wings_photoshop_brushes_and_overlays_9 with confetti


Curves fairy wings were also designed by my sister.



Zentangle is an art style that my sister used to create a fairy wing.



These fairy wings can be purchased as Photoshop fairy wing brushes or digital fairy wing overlays.

The  abr file fairy wing brushes work in regular Photoshop and in Elements.  I recommend Elements users buy the brushes over the overlays because I think it is  easier to pick the color of the wings at the start rather than change the color of the overlays using the Hue/Saturation sliders.

The PNG digital fairy wing overlays  will work in any photo editing program that allows layers and png files.   They come in a default color of white.

Fairy photography sessions are a lot of fun and when compositing is added, the possibilities are endless!  Give digital backgrounds a try!

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