Of Email Download Links

You should receive your download link as soon as payment clears PayPal.

Don’t see your email download link?  Try these things.

Check which email you entered to receive the download link.  Sometimes people keep checking their PayPal email address and forget that they entered a different email for their order.

Check you spam folder.  Many times the email link gets sent to the junk/spam folder.

Sometimes email servers (not sure if I am blaming the right cyberspace entity) block the download link completely.  This happened to me for emails from my own website.  I get notification emails for every order that is placed, and also the accompanying PayPal notification email.  Suddenly, all I was receiving were the PayPal emails. Nothing coming from my website.  I had to put a “filter” on my email account so that it would recognize emails from my own website!!

So if this happened to you, and you don’t see your download link email, please email me and I will send your order manually.  You can use the website contact form or email me directly at ChristyPetersonPhotography@gmail.com.

I sincerely thank you for your business!

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