Fairy Wings

I get asked all the time about the digital fairy wings, how to do them and where to find them.  This part 1 Photoshop video tutorial answers those questions!


How to use Digital Fairy Wings

This is part 2 of my tips and tricks on editing digital fairy  wings in Photoshop.  I demonstrate how to add wings to fairies that are sleeping.

(From the video:  If you don’t have the Brush window open in your palette, you can add it by going to the Photoshop menu at the top and clicking on Window>Brush.  Then drag it to the order you want in your palette.)

How to Add and Transform Digital Fairy Wings to a Portrait

In this Photoshop tutorial, I show how to add a subtle rainbow color effect to digital fairy wings.

How to create Rainbow Color on Digital Fairy Wings

I explain how to load and use my fairy wing Photoshop brushes and overlays in this Photoshop tutorial.  I show how to load brushes, pick the color, transform and distort wings, and how to change the color of the png overlays.

How to load and use fairy wings Photoshop Brushes and PNG Overlays

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