Cinderella Photography Session

Here are some ideas and digital products to assist in your princess Cinderella photography sessions.  These pictures are a combination of an in studio and outdoor Cinderella photography session.

I’ll also give a short review and perceptions of which new movie Cinderella costume (on eBay) from the is better.

I set my camera on high speed continuous shooting and had my model spin or swoosh her dress at least 5 different times.  By the end of the session, I had used over 6 gb of memory! (shooting RAW and small jpeg.)   Most of the pictures weren’t anything special as a foot was in an odd position due to the nature of spinning, or her face had a weird expression, or she had her tongue hanging out, or she was falling down, or….

This first image is my favorite of the evening.  Perfection.  😀  I used butterflies and glittery swirl mist digital overlays I created to show the magical transformation of Cinderella’s dress in the new 2015 new movie.

The second one is a version of the iconic moment when Cinderella is running down the stairs to escape the ball before midnight.  It is a composite picture that you can also create using the digital background from my shop.


I just finished a huge flower and rose petal overlay set and came up with these images which I love!   Your Cinderella photography session doesn’t have to be all about the dress transformation. 🙂

falling_purple_flower_petals rose_petal_flower_overlays rose_petal_flower_bokeh_overlays rose_petal_falling_flower_overlays



Here are a few more favorites from the session.

cinderella_photography_session_new_movie (2) cinderella_photography_session_new_movie (5) cinderella_digital_background_and_magical_swirls_and_butterflies_overlays cinderella_digital_background_and_magical_mist_and_butterflies


The following are my thoughts about Cinderella costumes on eBay.  They concern only the less expensive Cinderella costumes under $25.

I found the costume used in this session on eBay from a seller in China.  It is sold in more than one shop.  I am pleased with the quality.  It zips up in the back and has a liner.  There are 4 layers of skirt, 2 top layers of organza, then the tulle petticoat layer, and then the base layer.  I paid about $25 with shipping and it seems prices have come down since I purchased this one.   I got a size 120 for my American size 6-7 girl and the size was accurate.

I also bought another version American size 11-12 (150) for my 9 yr old daughter  that was way to small.   It was the same length as the size 6-7 with just a little more room in the bodice.   I was NOT happy with this dress and asked the shop about the accuracy of the size.  I really didn’t expect them to do anything about it, and they didn’t.  I would have had to pay return shipping, which would have cost as much as the dress.  Not worth it.  This Cinderella costume has the watermark of Sangami Baby across the pictures, which don’t look like the dress that arrives.  I don’t recommend it.

There are several other versions, which don’t attract me.  Some are a darker blue and others a lighter blue with sparkly dots on the skirt, which I wasn’t crazy about.  I like the organza skirt like the movie.  Just keep in mind that most, if not all, of their pictures with models are stolen and then they try to make the costume the like the picture.

I hope this post was helpful in planning and carrying out your Cinderella photography sessions.  Please feel free to post questions in the comments.

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